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About Serbian Pronunciation Rules

Pronunciation in Serbian is the best way the Serbian word or a Serbian language is without a doubt expressed, or the way in which a person uttters a single expression. If one is believed to have the”right Serbian pronunciation”, this describes both of these within a particular Serbian dialect. Learn More

A Serbian word is often talked in another way by a variety of persons or groups and that is determined by quite a few aspects, for example: the actual period of the cultural exposure associated with their unique childhood, where the man or woman lives, their cultural circle, their social class, as well as ones own education. Learn the rules
Serbian Language Words

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When it comes to Serbian, the same letter used in two different words might make two distinct sounds. Many letters in Serbian language are not pronounced at all. Usually, it is possible to sound out words. Hence, many experienced non native Serbian speakers (and occasionally some native speakers) often mispronounce Serbian words.

Like English, Serbian pronunciation can be extremely demanding, as a result of intricacies just like silent letters, numerous sounds for one individual letter, together with endless exceptions to no matter what rules you get in that Serbian pronunciation. This website has lots of webpages which clarifies the actual Serbian pronunciation guidelines not to mention exclusions in significant detail. This is certainly all good meant for advanced students, however could be very unclear for beginners of Serbian language. We make sure to easily simplify Serbian pronunciation rules to help make it easier for one to get started in Serbian, even though you may not necessarily understand how every Serbian letter blend is pronounced in every circumstance. We know that sometime, you will want to research even more in-depth Serbian tuition on Serbian pronunciation rules.

Learn How to Pronounce Serbian Words

Serbian uses both Latin and Cyrillic alphabets, the only Slavic language to do so. Everyday use is the the Roman alphabet, but the Cyrillic alphabet is used for official purpose and is considered more traditional. Pronunciation is usually very simple, as almost every word is written exactly as it is pronounced. Both the Roman and the Cyrillic alphabets will be shown here.
Serbian Cyrillic Alphabet:
Аа Бб Вв Гг Дд Ђђ Ее Жж Зз Ии Јј Кк Лл Љљ Мм Нн Њњ Оо Пп Рр Сс Тт Ћћ Уу Фф Хх Цц Чч Џџ Шш

Click on the hyperlinks below to find out a number of helpful Serbian holiday keyword phrases which are organized by category. For each travel word or phrase in Serbian, you will find the English translation.

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