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If you’re in Serbia or perhaps a Serbian speaking region, have you ever wondered the best ways to tell the actual time in Serbian? Telling the time in Serbian is dependant on learning the Serbian numbers and a couple of rules regarding the hours, minutes and seconds when it comes to Serbian. Learn More

On this page, you will understand easily the right way to reveal to the time in Serbian with all the subsequent sentences regarding:
Serbian Language Words

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List of Phrases to Help You Telling Time in Serbian Language

nowсада. sada (SAH-dah)
laterкасније. kasnije (KAHS-nyeh)
beforeпре. pre (preh)
morningјутро. jutro (from dawn to 8-9 AM) / преподне prepodne (from 8-9 AM till noon) (YOO-troh)
afternoonпоподне. popodne. (poh-POHD-neh)
eveningвече. veče (VEH-cheh)
nightноћ. noć (nohtch)
dawnзора. zora. (ZOH-rah)
earlyдан. dan. (dahn)
sunriseсвануће. svanuće. (svah-NOO-tcheh)
sunsetзалазак сунца. zalazak sunca. (ZAH-lah-zahk SOON-tsah)

Need to find out how to say five o-clock in Serbian? Utilize the phrases below that may help you tell the existing time on the actual clock in Serbian.
In common speech 12 hour clock is used. 24 hour clock is used in announcements, schedules, formal statements and situations where misunderstanding may arise.one o'clock AM
један сат. jedan sat (YEH-dahn saht)two o'clock AM
NOTE: There is no exact equivalence of AM and PM, since 12 hour clock is used mainly in common speech. Therefore "one o'clock AM" in Serbian would be stated as "one o'clock past midnight" and 7 AM as "seven in the morning". Likewise, "one o'clock PM" is "one o'clock in the afternoon" and 9 PM would be "nine o'clock in the evening".
noonподне. podne (POHD-neh)
one o'clock PMједан сат поподне. jedan sat popodne [SEE ABOVE] (YEH-dahn saht poh-POHD-neh)
two o'clock PMдва сата поподне. dva sata popodne [SEE ABOVE] (dvah SAH-tah poh-POHD-neh)
midnightпоноћ. ponoć (POH-nohtch)

Make use of the standard Serbian terms to tell the time duration for example a Year, Week and a Four week period in Serbian language.
_____ minute(s)_____ минута. minuta (mee-NOO-tah)
_____ hour(s)_____ сати. sati (SAH-tee)
_____ day(s)_____ дана. dana (DAH-nah)
_____ week(s)_____ недеља. nedelja (NEH-deh-lyah)
_____ month(s)_____ месеци. meseci (meh-SEH-tsee)
_____ year(s)_____ година. godina (GOH-dee-nah)

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