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How do we say the Days of the week in Serbian language

When you are visiting in Serbia and someone asks you in Serbian “what day is it today?” you’ve got to have learned to give the days of the week in Serbian quickly and easily. What if somebody asks “when am I going to meet you next?” You will need to write the time in Serbian perhaps. Make use of our day time phrases in Serbian beneath to determine the full week days in Serbian. Learn More

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Telling the Days of The Week in Serbian

todayданас. danas (DAH-nahs)
yesterdayјуче. juče (YOO-cheh)
tomorrowсутра. sutra (SOO-trah)
this weekове недеље. ove nedelje (OH-veh NEH-deh-lyeh)
last weekпрошле недеље. prošle nedelje (PROSH-leh NEH-deh-lyeh)
next weekследеће недеље. sledeće nedelje (SLEH-deh-tcheh NEH-deh-lyeh)
Mondayпонедељак. ponedeljak (poh-NEH-deh-lyahk)
Tuesdayуторак. utorak (OO-toh-rahk)
Wednesdayсреда. sreda (SREH-dah)
Thursdayчетвртак. četvrtak (cheht-VEHR-tahk)
Fridayпетак. petak (PEH-tahk)
Saturdayсубота. subota (SOO-boh-tah)
Sundayнедеља. nedelja (NEH-deh-lyah)
NOTE : Week starts on Monday.

Months in Serbian Language

Januaryјануар. januar (YAH-nwahr)
Februaryфебруар. februar (FEH-brwahr)
Marchмарт. mart (mahrt)
Aprilаприл. april (AH-preel)
Mayмај. maj (mah-ee)
Juneјун. jun (yoon)
Julyјул. jul (yool)
Augustавгуст. avgust (AHV-goost)
Septemberсептембар. septembar (sehp-TEHM-bahr)
Octoberоктобар. oktobar (ohk-TOH-bahr)
Novemberновембар. novembar (noh-VEHM-bahr)
Decemberдецембар. decembar (deh-TSEHM-bahr)
Names of months aren't capitalized.

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