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Phrases to Help You Book a Hotel Room in Slovenian Language

Need to reserve a hotel room in Slovenia? Find out how to say, I wish to make a reservation for an accommodation in Slovenian? Helpful Slovenian terminology with respect to booking a room in motels or wishing to ask for a bedroom with a veranda. Learn More

Making use of the Slovenian holiday accommodation similar terms here, find out how to pose your questions in Slovenian. Some of these questions include things like: “how many nights you will be reserving for?” and “how much would it cost to book a room?” Ideally, it will be possible to figure out the actual answers in Slovenian.
Slovenian Language Words

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Do you have any rooms available?Ali imate prosto sobo? (AH-lee ee-MAH-teh PROHS-toh SOH-boh?)
How much is a room for one person/two people?Kakšna je cena enoposteljne/dvoposteljne sobe? (KAHKSH-nah yeh TSEH-nah eh-noh-pohs-teh-LYEH-neh SOH-beh?)
Does the room come with...Ali ima soba... (AH-lee EE-mah SOH-bah)
...bedsheets?...rjuhe? (RYOO-heh)
...a bathroom?...kopalnico? (koh-pahl-NEE-tsoh)
...a telephone?...telefon? (teh-LEH-fohn)
...a TV?...televizor? (teh-leh-VEE-zohr)
May I see the room first?Si lahko ogledam sobo? (see LAHH-koh oh-GLEH-dahm SOH-boh?)
Do you have anything quieter?Imate kakšno mirnejšo sobo? (ee-MAH-teh KAHKSH-noh meer-NAY-shoh SOH-boh?)
...bigger?...večjo? (VEH-chyoh?)
...cleaner?...bolj čisto? (BOH-lee CHEES-toh?)
...cheaper?...cenejšo? (TSEH-nyeh-shoh?)
OK, I'll take it.Prav, vzel jo bom. (prow, OO-zew yoh bohm)
I will stay for _____ night(s).Ostal bom _____ noč/noči. (OHS-tow bohm...nohch/NOH-chee)
Can you suggest another hotel?Mi lahko priporočite drug hotel? (mee LAH-koh pree-poh-roh-CHEE-teh drook HOH-tew?)
Do you have a safe?Ali imate sef? (AH-lee ee-MAH-teh sehf)
...lockers?...omarice na ključ? (oh-mah-REE-tseh nah klyooch?)
Is breakfast/supper included?Ali je zajtrk/kosilo vključen/vključeno? (AH-lee yeh ZAY-turk/KOH-see-loh VKLYOO-chehn/VKLYOO-cheh-noh?)
What time is breakfast/supper?Ob kateri uri je zajtrk/kosilo? (ohb KAH-teh-ree OO-ree yeh ZAY-trehk/KOH-see-loh?)
Please clean my room.Prosim, počistite mojo sobo. (PROH-seem, POH-chees-tee-teh MOY-oh SOH-boh)
Can you wake me at _____?Me lahko zbudite ob _____? (meh LAH-koh zboo-DEE-teh ohp____?)
I want to check out.Rad bi se odjavil. (raht bee seh oh-DYAH-feel)
rooom with a viewsoba z razgledom (SOH-bah zuh RAHZ-gleh-dohm)
shared roomskupna ležišča (SKOOP-nah LEH-zheesh-chah)
shared bathroomskupna kopalnica (SKOOP-nah KOH-pahl-nee-tsah)
hot watervroča voda (VROH-chah VOH-dah)
country tourismkmečki turizem (KMECH-kee TOO-ree-zehm)
breakfastzajtrk (ZAI-tuhrk)
lunchkosilo (koh-SEE-loh)
dinnervečerja (VAH-cheh-ryah)
snackprigrizek (pree-GREE-zehk)

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