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Useful Slovenian Phrases for Getting Taxi

Wish to know tips on how to tell, How much is a taxi cab to your hotel in Slovenian? Learn More

We’ve got bundled well-known Slovenian words and phrases intended for getting a taxi cab in Slovenian with the help of English pronunciation. Phrases to catch a taxi
Slovenian Language Words

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List of Phrases For Getting Taxi in Slovenian

Taxi!Taksi! (TAHK-see)
Take me to _____, please.Odpeljite me, prosim, v/na _____. (OHD-peh-lyee-teh meh, PROH-seem, vuh/nah)
How much does it cost to get to _____?Koliko stane do _____? (KOH-lee-koh STAH-neh doh?)
Take me there, please.Peljite me tja, prosim. (PEH-lyee-teh meh tyah, PROH-seem)
taximetertaksimeter (TAHK-see-meh-tehr)
Turn on taximeter, please!Vključite, prosim, taksimeter! (VKLYOO-chee-teh, PROH-seem, TAHK-see-meh-tehr!)
Stop here, please!Ustavite tukaj, prosim! (OOS-tah-vee-teh TOO-kai, PROH-seem)
Wait here for a moment, please!Počakajte tukaj za trenutek, prosim! (POH-chah-kai-teh TOO-kai zah TREH-noo-tehk, PROH-seem!)
Can you tell me when to get there?Ali mi lahko poveste, kdaj priti do. (AH-lee mee LAH-koh POH-vehs-teh, kdai PREE-tee doh)

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