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In case you are in Slovenia or a Slovenian speaking place, ever wondered how one can tell the time in Slovenian? Telling the actual time in Slovenian is dependant on understanding the Slovenian numbers as well as some principles concerning the hours, minutes and seconds when it comes to Slovenian. Learn More

In this particular website, you’ll learn easily ways to reveal to the time when it comes to Slovenian while using following words and phrases for:
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List of Phrases to Help You Telling Time in Slovenian Language

Want to know the simplest way to say eight o-clock in Slovenian? Utilize the sentences below to enable you tell the actual time on the clock in Slovenian.

one o'clock AMena (EH-nah)
two o'clock AMdve (dveh)
noonpoldan (POWL-dahn)
one o'clock PMtrinajst (tree-NAIST)
two o'clock PMštirinajst (shtih-rih-NAIST)

Utilize the elementary Slovenian phrases to understand the time duration such as a Year, Week and a Calendar month in Slovenian language.
_____ minute(s)1 minuta/ 2 minuti/ 3,4 minute/ 5-100 minut (mee-NOO-tah/ mee-NOO-tee/ mee-NOO-teh/ MEE-noot)
_____ hour(s)1 ura/ 2 uri/ 3,4 ure/ 5-100 ur (OO-rah/ OO-ree/ OO-reh/ oor)
_____ day(s)1 dan/ 2 dneva/ 3,4 dnevi/ 5-100 dni (dahn/ DNEH-vah/ DNEH-vee/ dnee)
_____ week(s)1 teden/ 2 tedna/ 3,4 tedni/ 5-100 tednov (TEH-dehn/ TEHD-nah/ TEHD-nee/ TEHD-nohf)
_____ month(s)1 mesec/ 2 meseca/ 3,4 meseci/ 5-100 mesecev (MEH-sets/ meh-SEH-tsah/ meh-SEH-tsee/ meh-SEH-tsehf)
_____ year(s)1 leto/ 2 leti/ 3,4 leta/ 5-100 let (LEH-toh/ LEH-tee/ LEH-tah/ leht)

Select the hyperlinks directly below to view a list of practical Slovenian travel words and phrases which are sorted by category. For each holiday word or phrase in Slovenian, you will see the actual English translation.

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