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Ordering Drinks in Slovenian Bar

Whilst in a Slovenian speaking country and you have to purchase a refreshment in a bar or maybe a shop. It is always good to understand some Slovenian terms to order refreshments. Learn More

List of Phrases For Ordering Food and Drinks in Slovenian Language

Thirsty in Slovenia or perhaps in a nation where they speak the Slovenian language? We have displayed handy Slovenian phrases to shop for drinks in Slovenian language.

Slovenian Language Words

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Do you serve alcohol?Ali vam služijo alkohol? (AH-lee vahm sloo-ZHEE-yoh ahl-KOH-hohl?)
Is there table service?Ali strežete pri mizi? (AH-lee streh-ZHEH-teh pree MEE-zee?)
A beer/two beers, please.Pivo/dve pivi, prosim. (PEE-voh/dveh PEE-vee, PROH-seem)
A glass of red/white wine, please.Kozarec rdečega/belega vina, prosim. (koh-ZAH-rehts rdeh-CHEH-gah/beh-LEH-gah VEE-nah, PROH-seem)
A pint, please.Veliko pivo, prosim. (veh-LEE-koh PEE-voh, PROH-seem)
A bottle, please.Steklenico, prosim. (steh-kleh-NEE-tsoh, PROH-seem)
coctailkoktajl (KOHK-tail)
martinimartini (mahr-TEE-nee)
brandyžganje (ZHGHA-nyeh)
cognackonjak (KOH-nyahk)
whiskeyviski (VEES-kee)
vodkavodka (VOHD-kah)
rumrum (rohm)
watervoda (VOH-dah)
club sodaradenska (RAH-dehn-skah)
tonic watertonik (TOH-neek)
orange juicepomarančni sok (poh-mah-RAHN-chnee sohk)
Coke (soda)kokakola (koh-kah-KOH-lah)
Do you have any bar snacks?Imate kakšne prigrizke? (ee-MAH-teh KAHKSH-nyeh pree-GREES-keh?)
One more, please.Še enega/eno, prosim. (sheh eh-NEH-gah/EH-noh, PROH-seem)
Another round, please.Še enkrat enako, prosim. (sheh EHN-kraht eh-NAH-koh, PROH-seem)
When is closing time?Kdaj se zapre? (kd-ahy seh zah-PREH?)

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