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Do you know what to state if you end up having trouble in Slovenian? You may be in a situation where someone is annoying you or perhaps you had missing your travelling bag in a nation where they speak Slovenian. Learn More

People don’t need to get worried. We put together a variety of Slovenian words which you can use in an emergency. More..
Slovenian Language Words

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List of Words on How to Deal with Problems in Slovenian Language

Leave me alone.Pustite me pri miru. (POOS-tee-teh meh pree MEE-roo)
Don't touch me!Ne dotikajte se me! (nah doh-TEE-kahj-teh seh meh!)
I'll call the police.Poklical bom policijo. (poh-KLEE-kahl bohm poh-lee-TSEE-yoh)
Police!Policija! (poh-lee-TSEE-yah!)
Stop! Thief!Ustavite tatu! (oos-TAH-vee-teh TAH-too!)
I need your help.Potrebujem vašo pomoč. (poh-treh-BOO-yehm VAH-shoh poh-MOHTS)
It's an emergency.Sem v stiski. (sehm oo STEES-kee)
I'm lost.Izgubil sem se. (eez-GOO-beel sehm seh)
I lost my bag.Izgubil sem torbo. (eez-GOO-beel sehm TOHR-boh)
I lost my wallet.Izgubil sem denarnico. (eez-GOO-beel sehm deh-NAHR-nee-tsoh)
I'm sick.Bolan sem./Slabo mi je. (BOH-lahm sehm/ SLAH-boh mee yeh)
I've been injured.Poškodoval sem se. (pohsh-KOH-doh-vahl sehm seh)
I need a doctor.Potrebujem zdravnika. (poh-treh-BOO-yehm zdrahv-NEE-kah)
Can I use your phone?Lahko uporabim vaš telefon? (lah-KOH oo-poh-RAH-beem vahsh teh-leh-FOHN?)

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