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About Getting Directions in Slovenian Language

When visiting in Slovenia or any region in which individuals converse in Slovenian, are you aware of ways to get to your vacation destination? Venturing in Slovenian-speaking countries can be fantastic not to mention amazing. Learn More

Then again, it is always good to figure out ways to request directions in Slovenian as well as know very well what you will be advised. Slovenian Phrases For Direction
Slovenian Language Words

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This kind of Slovenian terminology below will allow you to fully grasp instructions in Slovenian.

Useful Phrases For Getting Directions in Slovenian

How do I get to _____ ?Kako pridem do _____ ? (kah-KOH PREE-dehm doh...?)
How do I get to the train station?Kako pridem do železniške postaje? (kah-KOH PREE-dehm do zheh-LEHZ-neesh-keh pohst-EYE-yeh?)
How do I get to the bus station?Kako pridem do avtobusne postaje? (kah-KOH PREE-dehm doh OW-toh-boos-neh pohst-EYE-yeh?)
How do I get to the airport?Kako pridem na letališče? (kah-KOH PREE-dehm nah leh-tah-LEE-shcheh?)
How do I get downtown?Kako pridem do centra? (kah-KOH PREE-dehm doh TSEHN-trah?)
How do I get to the youth hostel?Kako pridem do mladinskega hotela? (kak-KOH PREE-dehm doh mlah-deens-KEH-gah hoh-TEH-lah?)
How do I get to the _____ hotel?Kako pridem do hotela _____? (kak-KOH PREE-dehm doh hoh-TEH-lah?)
How do I get to the American/Canadian/Australian/British consulate?Kako pridem do ameriškega/kanadskega/avstralskega/britanskega konzulata? (kak-KOH PREE-dehm doh ah-MEH-reesh-keh-gah/KAH-nahd-skeh-gah/ows-TRAHL-skeh-gah/bree-TAHNS-keh-gah kohn-zoo-LAH-tah?)
Where are there a lot of...Kje je polno... (kyeh yeh POHL-noh...)
...hotels?...hotelov? (hoh-TEH-low)
...restaurants?...restavracij? (REHS-tow-rah-tsy)
...bars?...barov? (BAH-row)
...sites to see?...znamenitosti? (ZNAH-meh-NEE-tohs-tee?)
Can you show me on the map?Mi lahko pokažete na zemljevidu?(Mee lah-KOH poh-kah-zhet-eh nah zem-yeh-VEE-doo?)
streetcesta/ulica (TSEH-stah/ OO-lee-tsah)
Turn left.Zavijte levo. (zah-VEE-teh LEH-voh)
Turn right.Zavijte desno. (zah-VEE-teh DEHS-noh)
leftlevo (LEH-voh)
rightdesno (DEHS-noh)
straight aheadnaravnost (nah-RAHV-nohst)
towards the _____proti _____ (PROH-tee)
past the _____mimo _____ (MEE-moh)
before the _____pred _____ (prehd)
Watch for the _____.Bodite pozorni na _____. (BOH-dee-teh poh-ZOHR-nee nah...)
intersectionkrižišče (kree-ZHEE-shcheh)
northsever (SEH-vehr)
southjug (yoog)
eastvzhod ('ooz-HOD)
westzahod (zah-HOD)
uphillnavzgor (nowz-GOHR)
downhillnavzdol (nowz-DOHL)

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