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How to say money in Slovenian

Want to know the Slovenian word for your money? we’ve right here a long list of Slovenian cash associated words you could be needing whenever traveling in Slovenian speaking countries. Learn More

Going on a holiday is generally extremely expensive, hence it is vital to have a decent understanding of Slovenian phrases for your money related issues just like dealing with money and business banking. More Info
Slovenian Language Words

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Every single country worldwide has its own fiscal system. Changing money in Slovenian speaking countries is really the most common banking importance of travelers. Consequently, it is vital that you will get the most your money can buy by getting informed about these typical financial terms in Slovenian.

Dealing With Money in Slovenian

We’ve got a variety of Slovenian terms that can be used when dealing with money in Slovenia as well as when pruchasing something in shops.

Please note that Slovenia now utilises the euro (€, EUR) as its currency, having previously used the Slovenian tolar (SIT).
Do you accept American/Australian/Canadian dollars?Ali sprejemate ameriške/avstralske/kanadske dolarje? (AH-lee spreh-YEH-mah-teh ah-meh-REESH-keh/ows-TRAHLS-keh/kah-NAHDS-keh doh-LAH-ryeh?)
Do you accept British pounds?Ali sprejemate britanske funte? (AH-lee spreh-yeh-MAH-teh bree-TAHNKS-keh FOON-teh?)
Do you accept credit cards?Ali sprejemate kreditne kartice? (AH-lee spreh-yeh-MAH-teh kreh-DEET-neh kahr-TEE-tseh?)
Can you change money for me?Mi lahko zamenjate denar? (mee LAH-koh zah-meh-NYAH-teh DEH-nahr?)
Where can I get money changed?Kje lahko zamenjam denar? (kyeh LAH-koh zah-MEH-nyahm DEH-nahr?)
Can you change a traveler's check for me?Mi lahko vnovčite potovalni ček? (mih LAH-koh oo-noh-VCHEE-teh poh-TOW-nih check?)
Where can I get a traveler's check changed?Kje lahko vnovčim potovalni ček? (kyeh LAH-koh vuh-NOHF-cheem poh-toh-FAHL-nee check?)
What is the exchange rate?Kakšno je menjalno razmerje? (KAHKSH-noh yeh meh-NYAHL-noh rahz-MEH-ryeh?)
Where is an automatic teller machine (ATM)?Kje je bankomat? (kyeh yeh bahn-KOH-maht?)
ATMbankomat (BAHN-koh-maht)
Coinskovanci (koh-VAHN-tsee)
Bankbanka (BAHN-kah)
Exchange officemenjalnica (MEH-nyah-nee-tsah)
Euroeuro (EH-oo-roh)
Credit cardkreditna kartica (KREH-deet-nah KAHR-tee-tsah)
Debit carddebetna kartica (DEH-beht-nah KAHR-tee-tsah)
Moneydenar (DEH-nahr)
Chequeček (check)
Travel chequepotovalni ček (poh-TOH-vahl-nee check)
Currencyvaluta (vah-LOO-tah)

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