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About Slovenian Pronunciation Rules

Pronunciation in Slovenian certainly is the best way the Slovenian word or even a Slovenian language is undoubtedly expressed, or the manner in which someone articulates the single expression. If one is believed to have the”right Slovenian pronunciation”, then it refers to both of these within a particular Slovenian language. Learn More

The Slovenian word can be said differently by a number of persons or groups and that depends on various factors, such as: the time period of the cultural exposure during their unique childhood years, the place that the someone resides, their particular ethnic family, his or her social class, and / or his or her education. Learn the rules
Slovenian Language Words

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When it comes to Slovenian, the same letter used in two different words might make two individual sounds. Many letters in Slovenian language are not pronounced at all. Usually, it is possible to sound out words. Hence, many experienced non native Slovenian speakers (and occasionally some native speakers) often mispronounce Slovenian words.

Just like English, Slovenian pronunciation can be quite demanding, simply because of intricacies like silent letters, many sounds for that particular letter, in addition to endless conditions to whatever rules you find in all of the Slovenian pronunciation. This excellent website has several internet pages which points out the actual Slovenian pronunciation policies not to mention exclusions in huge detail. This really is perfect meant for advanced students, but it really can be quite difficult for beginners of Slovenian language. We try to ease Slovenian pronunciation rules to help make it simpler for you to definitely begin Slovenian, even if you do not really understand how every single Slovenian letter blend is pronounced in almost every circumstance. We understand that sooner or later, you’ll want to understand far more in-depth Slovenian lessons on Slovenian pronunciation rules.

Learn How to Pronounce Slovenian Words

Look carefully at the letters č, š, and ž. They are typical for Slovene and some other Central and South European languages.Also, note how you pronounce j and h in Slovene.
Certain letters will at times be grouped with certain other letters and have a slightly different pronunciation. The same happens when they occupy a certain position in the word.
When l is at the end of a word or placed after any consonant other than j, it is pronounced as w as in bel (BEW, "white"), popoldan (POPOWDAN, "afternoon").
V is pronounced as 'v' before vowels (vaja "exercise", voda "water"), before the consonants r (vrt "garden", vreme "weather") and before vowels within a word (živeti "to live", zvezek "notebook"). When v is at the end of the word, after a vowel or before a consonant (except r and l) it is pronounced as w, as in prav[prow] ("OK"), kovček[kowcheck] ("suitcase"). When v is at the beginning of the word or when it appears between consonants or before two or more consonants it is pronounced as 'u' as in vprašati[uprashati] ("to ask"), vhod[ukhod] ("entrance"), avto[auto] ("car, automobile").
In different parts of Slovenia, people pronounce word differently. In Maribor they say vprašati[fprashat] ("to ask"), vhod[fkhod] The Slovene r is pronounced strongly, slightly rolled. It is pronounced as er when it stands before another consonant or when it stands between two consonants.
In western Slovenia, "how" is "kako", while in eastern Slovenia, "how" is (like in Russia) "kak".
In the few words in which they appear, two identical vowels or consonants are pronounced as one long one, as in priimek ("surname"), oddelek ("department").

Select the hyperlinks below to find out a number of practical Slovenian holiday words and phrases which are sorted by group. For every travel phrase in Slovenian, you will notice the actual English interpretation.

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