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Phrases to Help You Book a Hotel Room in Cantonese Language

Wish to reserve a hotel room in China? How does one say, I would like to make a reservation for an accommodation in Cantonese? Practical Cantonese terms with respect to selecting a room in lodges or wishing to ask for a room with a veranda. Learn More

Together with the Cantonese accommodation relevant keyword phrases here, you can learn how to pose your questions in Cantonese. A few of these questions include things like: “how many days you will be booking for?” and “how much would it cost to reserve a room?” Ideally, it will be easier to figure out the actual replies in Cantonese.
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Do you have any rooms available?你哋有冇空房呀? Néihdeih yáuh-móuh hūngfóng a?
How much is a room for one person/two people?單人房/雙人房 要幾多錢呀? Dāanyàhnfóng/Sēungyàhnfóng yiu géidō chín a?
Does the room come with _____?間房有冇_____嘎? Gāan fóng yáuh-móuh _____ gah?
bedsheets床襟 chòhngkám
a bathroom浴室 yuhksāt
a telephone電話 dihnwah
a TV電視 dihnsih
May I see the room first?可唔可以睇下間房先呀? Hó-m̀h-hó'yi tái-háh gāan fóng sīn a?
Do you have anything _____?有冇間房會_____嘎? Yáuh-móuh gāan fóng húi _____ gah?
quieter靜啲 jihngdī
bigger大啲 daaihdī
cleaner乾淨啲 gōnjehngdī
cheaper平啲 pèhngdī
OK, I'll take it.好, 我要呢間. Hóu, ngóh yiu nī gāan.
I will stay for _____ night(s).我會喺度住_____晚. Ngóh húi háidouh jyuh _____ máahn.
Can you suggest another hotel?你可唔可以介紹第二間酒店俾我呀? Néih hó-m̀h-hó'yi gaaisiuh daihyih gāan jáudim béi ngóh a?
Do you have a _____?你哋有冇_____嘎? Néihdeih yáuh-móuh _____ gah?
safe夾萬 gaapmaahn
lockers儲物櫃 chyúhmahtgwaih
Is breakfast/supper included?包唔包 早餐/晚餐 嘎? Bāau-m̀h-bāau jóuchāan/máahnchāan gah?
What time is breakfast/supper?幾點有 早餐/晚餐 嘎? Géidím yáuh jóuchāan/máahnchāan gah?
Please clean my room.唔該幫我執下間房. M̀h'gōi bōng ngóh jāp-háh gāan fóng.
Can you wake me at _____?可唔可以_____叫醒我呀? Hó-m̀h-hó'yi _____ giuséng ngóh a?
I want to check out.我想退房. Ngóh séung teuifóng.

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