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About Months in Cantonese Language

Knowing how to know the months in Cantonese is extremely valuable and usually be treated as simple Cantonese dialect. We now have displayed the months in Cantonese language beneath that may help you pronounce the months in Cantonese. Learn More

List of the Months in Cantonese

Cantonese Language Words

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January一月 yāt'yuht
February二月 yih'yuht
March三月 sāam'yuht
April四月 seiyuht
May五月 ńgh'yuht
June六月 luhk'yuht
July七月 chāt'yuht
August八月 baat'yuht
September九月 gáuyuht
October十月 sahpyuht
November十一月 sahpyāt'yuht
December十二月 sahpyih'yuht

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