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About Getting Directions in Cantonese Language

Whilst travelling in China or any area in which many people converse in Cantonese, have you any idea how to get to your holiday destination? Holidaying in Cantonese-speaking cities could be fantastic and amazing. Learn More

Having said that, it’s essential to find out how to request recommendations in Cantonese and to really know what you are advised. Cantonese Phrases For Direction
Cantonese Language Words

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This kind of Cantonese terminology below will help you fully grasp directions in Cantonese.

Useful Phrases For Getting Directions in Cantonese

How do I get to _____ ?我可以點去_____呀? Ngóh hó'yi dím heui _____ a?
the train station火車站 fóchē jaahm
the bus station?巴士站 bāsí jaahm
the airport?機場 gēichèuhng
downtown?市區 síh'kēui
the youth hostel?青年旅舍 chīngnìhn léuihséh
the _____ hotel?_____ 酒店 _____ jáudim
the American/Canadian/Australian/British consulate美國/加拿大/澳州/英國 領事館? Méihgwok/Gānàhdaaih/Oujāu/Yīng'gwok líhngsihgún
Where are there a lot of_____ ?邊度可以搵到好多_____呀? Bīndouh hó'yi wándou hóudō _____ a?
restaurants餐廳 chāantēng
bars酒吧 jáubā
sites to see景點 gíngdím
Can you show me on the map?可唔可以喺張地圖度指俾我睇呀? Hó-m̀h-hó'yi hái jēung deihtòuh douh jí béi ngóh tái a?
street街 gāai
Turn left.轉左 Jyun jó.
Turn right.轉右 Jyun yauh.
left左 jó
right右 yauh
straight ahead直行 jihk'hàahng
towards the _____去_____ heui _____
past the _____過咗 _____ gwojó _____
before the __________之前 jīchìhn
Watch for the _____.睇住_____. Táijyuh _____.
intersection十字路口 sahpjihlouh'háu
north北面 bākmihn
south南面 nàahm'mihn
east東面 dūngmihn
west西面 sāimihn
uphill上山 séuhngsāan
downhill落山 lohksāan

Select the hyperlinks directly below to see a number of helpful Cantonese travel words which are sorted by group. For every holiday phrase in Cantonese, you will find the actual English translation.

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