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If you are in China or a Cantonese speaking state, have you ever wondered how you can tell the time in Cantonese? Telling the actual time in Cantonese is dependant on learning the Cantonese numbers as well as some tips regarding the hours, minutes and seconds in Cantonese. Learn More

On this webpage, you’ll learn simply how you can tell the time in Cantonese while using the subsequent phrases regarding:
Cantonese Language Words

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List of Phrases to Help You Telling Time in Cantonese Language

now而家 yīgā
late遲 chìh
early早 jóu
morning朝早 jīujóu
afternoon晏晝 ngaanjau
evening夜晚 yeh máahn

Need to know the way to say six o’clock in Cantonese? Take advantage of the terms listed below to assist you to tell the current time on the actual clock in Cantonese.
one o'clock一點 yāt dím
two o'clock兩點 léuhng dím (not 二點)
two five兩點一 / 兩點踏一 léuhng dím yāt/léuhng dím daahp yāt
two ten兩點二 / 兩點踏二 léuhng dím yih/léuhng dím daahp yih
two fifteen/Quarter past two兩點三 / 兩點踏三 léuhng dím sāam/léuhng dím daahp sāam
two thirty/Half past two兩點半 léuhng dím bun (not 兩點六 / 兩點踏六)
two forty-five/Quarter to three兩點九 / 兩點踏九 léuhng dím gáu/léuhng dím daahp gáu
two fifty兩點十 / 兩點踏十 léuhng dím sahp/léuhng dím daahp sahp
two fifty-five兩點踏十一 léuhng dím daahp sahpyāt (not 兩點十一)
two fifty-seven兩點五十七分 léuhng dím ńghsahpchāt fān

Take advantage of the basic Cantonese phrases to know the time length like a Year, Week and a Four week period in Cantonese language.
_____ minute(s)_____ 分鐘 fānjūng
_____ hour(s)_____ 個鐘 gor jūng
_____ day(s)_____ 日 yaht
_____ week(s)_____ 個禮拜 gor láihbaai
_____ month(s)_____ 個月 gor yuht
_____ year(s)_____ 年 nìhn

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