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Learn How to Say Numbers in Cantonese Language

Want to find out the way to repeat the telephone numbers in Cantonese? You may want to add up to Twenty in Cantonese. We have included both written pronunciations of ways to state the numbers when it comes to Cantonese language. We can easily also present to you ways to tell you great figures in Cantonese very easily. Learn More

List of Numbers in Cantonese Language

We now have pretty much all the Cantonese numbers from 1 – One thousand | a thousand, listed below that you’ll want to read. More …

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In order to make counting the particular numbers in Cantonese easier for you, we have now broken down the numbers in to smaller sections. Every one of these webpages include a short video recording you can view to find out the right pronunciation.
1一 yāt
2二 yih
3三 sāam
4四 sei
5五 ńgh
6六 luhk
7七 chāt
8八 baat
9九 gáu
10十 sahp
11十一 sahpyāt
12十二 sahpyih
13十三 sahpsāam
14十四 sahpsei
15十五 sahpńgh
16十六 sahpluhk
17十七 sahpchāt
18十八 sahpbaat
19十九 sahpgáu
20二十 yihsahp
21二十一 yihsahpyāt
22二十二 yihsahpyih
23二十三 yihsahpsāam
30三十 sāamsahp
40四十 seisahp
50五十 ńghsahp
60六十 luhksahp
70七十 chātsahp
80八十 baatsahp
90九十 gáusahp
100一百 yātbaak
200二百 yihbaak
300三百 sāambaak
1000一千 yātchīn
2000二千 yihchīn
10,000一萬 yātmaahn
100,000十萬 sahpmaahn
1,000,000一百萬 yātbaakmaahn
10,000,000一千萬 yātchīnmaahn
100,000,000一億 yātyīk
1,000,000,000十億 sahpyīk
10,000,000,000一百億 yātbaakyīk
100,000,000,000一千億 yātchīnyīk
1,000,000,000,000一兆 yātsiuh
number _____ (train, bus, etc.)_____號 houh
half半 bun
less小 síu
more多 dō

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