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About the Colours in Cantonese

If you find yourself contemplating to go on a shopping spree in China or a Cantonese speaking nation, remember to master the colours in Cantonese language. The names of colours in Cantonese will come in incredibly useful when you are searching for a bit more options in several goods you’re thinking to purchase. Learn More

On this specific web content, you can easily figure out how to reveal the names of several colors in Cantonese. We hope that by reading and learning the Cantonese colour chart down below, it will be straightforward to tell more or less all typically the most important colours in Cantonese.
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Cantonese Colours List

black黑色 hāk sīk
white白色 baahk sīk
gray灰色 fūi sīk
red紅色 hùhng sīk
blue藍色 làahm̀ sīk
yellow黃色 wòhng sīk
green綠色 luhk sīk
orange橙色 chàahng sīk
purple紫色 jí sīk
brown啡色 fē sīk
pink粉紅色 fán hùhng sīk

Click on the links below to view a number of practical Cantonese travel words and phrases that are structured by category. For every holiday phrase in Cantonese, you will see the actual English interpretation.

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