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Ordering Drinks in Cantonese Bar

While in a Cantonese speaking location and you have to buy a beverage at a bar or simply a shop. It is good to learn quite a few Cantonese words to order drinks. Learn More

List of Phrases For Ordering Food and Drinks in Cantonese Language

Dehydrated in China or perhaps in a place where people talk the Cantonese language? We have outlined practical Cantonese words to buy refreshments in Cantonese language.

Cantonese Language Words

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Do you serve alcohol?你哋有冇酒飲嘎? Néihdeih yáuh-móuh jáu yám gah?
Is there table service?有冇侍應埋枱嘎? Yáuh-móuh sihying màai tói gah?
A beer/two beers, please.一/兩杯 啤酒, 唔該. Yāt/léuhng būi bējáu, m̀h'gōi.
A glass of red/white wine, please.一杯 紅/白 酒, 唔該. Yāt būi hùhng/baahk jáu, m̀h'gōi.
A pint, please.一 pint, 唔該. Yāt pint, m̀h'gōi. ("品脫 bán'tyut" is the corresponding word for "pint", but no one will use it in bars.)
A bottle, please.一樽, 唔該. Yāt jēun, m̀h'gōi.
_____ (hard liquor) and _____ (mixer), please._____同_____, 唔該. _____ tùhng _____, m̀h'gōi.
whiskey威士忌 wāisigéi
vodka伏特加 fuhkdahkgā
rum冧酒 lāmjáu
water水 séui
club soda梳打水 sōdá séui
tonic water湯力水 tōnglihk séui
orange juice橙汁 cháangjāp
Coke (soda)可樂 hólohk
Do you have any bar snacks?你哋有冇小食嘎? Néihdeih yáuh-móuh síusihk gah?
One more (cup/bottle), please.要多一 杯/樽, 唔該. Yiu dō yāt būi/jēun, m̀h'gōi.
When is closing time?幾點柵門嘎? Géidím sāanmùhn gaa?
Cheers!飲杯! Yámbūi!

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