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Dealing With Authorities in Cantonese Language

If you are going in China or maybe any region where men and women talk Cantonese and you are in an emergency situation, dealing with authorities like the police in Cantonese could be daunting. You’ll want to find out at least the essential Cantonese sentences intended for crisis situations to help you call your country’s consulate. Learn More

List of Cantonese Phrases For Emergencies

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I haven't done anything wrong.我冇做錯野. Ngóh móuh jouh cho yéh.
It was a misunderstanding.件事係誤會. Ginh sih haih ngh-wuih.
Where are you taking me?你帶我去邊? Néih daai ngóh heui bīn?
Am I under arrest?我係唔係俾人拉左呀? Ngóh haih-m̀h-haih béi yàhn lāai jó a?
I am an American/Australian/British/Canadian citizen.我係 美國/澳州/英國/加拿大 公民. Ngóh haih Méihgwok/Oujāu/Yīng'gwok/Gānàhdaaih gūngmàhn.
I want to talk to the American/Australian/British/Canadian embassy/consulate.我要搵 美國/澳州/英國/加拿大 大使館/領事館. Ngóh yiu wán Méihgwok/Oujāu/Yīng'gwok/Gānàhdaaih daaihsigún/líhngsihgún.
I want to talk to a lawyer.我要搵律師. Ngóh yiu wán leuhtsī.
Can I just pay a fine now?可唔可以就咁罰錢呀? Hó-m̀h-hó'yi jauh gám faht chín?

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