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Do you know the things to talk about if you find yourself having problems in Cantonese? You might be in a scenario where an individual is bothering you or perhaps you had missing your bag inside a nation in which they talk in Cantonese. Learn More

People don’t have to be concerned. We collected a variety of Cantonese words and phrases that you can use in desperate situations. More..
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List of Words on How to Deal with Problems in Cantonese Language

Leave me alone.唔好搞我. M̀h'hóu gáau ngóh.
Don't touch me!唔好掂我! M̀h'hóu dihm ngóh!
I'll call the police.我會叫警察. Ngóh wúih giu gíngchaat.
Police!警察! Gíngchaat!
Stop! Thief!咪走! 賊仔! Máih jáu! Chaahkjái!
Please help me.唔該幫我. M̀h'gōi bōng ngóh.
It's an emergency.好緊急. Hóu gán'gāp.
I'm lost.我蕩失路. Ngóh dohngsāt louh.
I lost my bag.我唔見咗個袋. Ngóh m̀h'gin jó go doih.
I dropped my wallet.我跌咗個銀包. Ngóh dit jó go ngàhn bāau.
I don't feel well.我唔舒服. Ngóh m̀h syūfuhk.
I've been injured.我受咗傷. Ngóh sauh jó sēung.
Please call a doctor.唔該幫我叫醫生. M̀h'gōi bōng ngóh giu yīsāng.
Can I use your phone?可唔可以借個電話用呀? Hó-m̀h-hó'yi je go dihnwáh yuhng a?

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