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About Cantonese Consonants Chart

Would like to know do you know the consonants when it comes to Cantonese language? In articulatory phonetics, a Cantonese consonant is a speech sound that is articulated with full or perhaps partial closure of the vocal system. The word consonant is usually employed to make reference to a letter of a Cantonese alphabet which denotes a consonant sound. Learn More

Cantonese Consonants Chart

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Cantonese Consonants in Alphabet

p in "sport"b
p as in "pat"p
m as in "mom"m
f as in "foot"f
t in "stop"d
t as in "top"t
n as in "not"n
l as in "lap"l
k in "sky"g
k as in "kite"k
ng as in "singer"ng
h as in "hot"h
zz as in "pizza"j
ts as in "tsunami"ch
s as in "sleep"s
qu as in "square"gw
qu as in "quark"kw
y as in "yard"y
w as in "want"w
The final consonants p, t, and k are unreleased. This means that they are virtually silent and you hear no "puff of air" at the end of the syllable.

Cantonese Diphthongs in Alphabet

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