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Alphabet in Lithuanian Language

Learning the Lithuanian alphabet is vital to learn the Lithuanian Language. Lithuanian alphabet composition is put into use in a daily conversation. With out the Lithuanian alphabet, it is extremely hard to say the Lithuanian words properly even if anyone learn how to write those words in Lithuanian. Learn More

Like any language, the far better you pronounce a letter in a word, the better understood you will be in conversing in the Lithuanian language. Following are links which guides you to the Lithuanian alphabet and exactly how it can be pronounced in English.
Lithuanian Language Words

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Vowels in Lithuanian Alphabet

In the Lithuanian vowels, you shall find both long and short vowel sounds.
A a(Short) Like “u” in “but”, (long) like “a” in “car”
Ą ąSimilar as Lithuanian “a”, like “u” in “but” (short), sometimes like “a” in “car”
E e(Short) Like “e” in “set”, (long) like “a” in “amber”
Ę ęSimilar as Lithuanian “e”, like “e” in “set” (short), sometimes like “a” in “sad”
Ė ėLike “e” in “bed”, but longer / more like “e” in German “mehr”
I iLike “i” in “sit”
Į įSimilar as Lithuanian “i”, like “i” in “sit” (short), sometimes like “ee” in “feet”
Y y(Long only) Like “ee” in “keep”
O o(short) like "o" in "pod", (Long) Like “aw” in “paw”
U uLike “u” in “put”
Ų ųSimilar as Lithuanian “u”, like “u” in “put” (short), sometimes like “oo” in “pool”
Ū ū(Long only) like “oo” in “pool”

Consonants in Lithuanian Alphabet

B bLike "b" in "bat".
C cLike "ts" in "cats".
Č čLike "ch" in "cheese".
D dLike "d" in "dad".
F fLike "f" in "food".
G gLike "g" in "good".
H hLike "h" in "hat".
J jLike "y" in "you".
K kLike "k" in "keep".
L lLike "l" in "look".
M mLike "m" in "mud".
N nLike "n" in "no".
P pLike "p" in "pat".
R rLike "r" in "run" but trilled.
S sLike "s" in "sat".
Š šLike "sh" in "sheet".
T tLike "t" in "top".
V vLike "v" in "very".
Z zLike "z" in "zebra".
Ž žLike "s" in "treasure".

Semi Vowels/ Diphthongs in Lithuanian Alphabet

Stress in Lithuanian is not fixed; the stress can fall almost anywhere on any word. If you are even seriously considering to study the language intensively, the best way to learn the language is to learn it word by word. When speaking Lithuanian, you won't know which word to stress, but you will still get understood, even if you get it wrong.

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