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Do you know what exactly to mention when you find yourself having problems in Lithuanian? You could be in a situation where anyone is annoying you or you had missing your travelling bag inside a country where they speak Lithuanian. Learn More

People do not have to worry. We put together a list of Lithuanian words and phrases which can be used in an emergency. More..
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List of Words on How to Deal with Problems in Lithuanian Language

Leave me alone.Eik šalin. (EH-eek shah-LEEN)
Don't touch me!Nelieskite manęs! (neh-LYEHS-kee-teh mah-NAS)
I'll call the police.Aš iškviesiu policiją. (ahsh eesh-KVYEH-syoo paw-LIH-tsiyah)
Police!Policija! (paw-LIH-tsiyah)
Stop! Thief!Stabdykite vagį! (stahb-DEE-kee-teh VAH-gee)
I need your help.Man reikia jūsų pagalbos. (mahn RAY-kyah YOO-soo pah-GHAHL-bohs)
It's an emergency.Skubiai reikia pagalbos, rimtas atvejis. (skoo-BAY RAY-kyah pah-GHAHL-bohs, REEM-tahs AHT-veh-yees)
I'm lost.Aš pasiklydau. (ahsh pah-see-KLEE-dow)
I lost my bag.Aš pamečiau savo rankinę. (ahsh PAh-meh-chyah-oo SAH-voh RAHN-kee-neh)
I lost my wallet.Aš pamečiau piniginę. (ahsh PAh-meh-chyah-oo pee-nee-GHEE-neh)
I'm sick.Man bloga. (mAHn BLAW-gah)
I've been injured.Mane sužeidė. (mah-NEh SOO-zhay-deh)
I need a [help of] doctor.Man reikia daktaro [pagalbos]. (mahn RAY-kyah DAHK-tah-roh pah-GHAHL-bohs)
Can I use your phone?Ar galėčiau pasinaudoti jūsų telefonu? (ahr ghah-LEH-chyah-oo pah-see-now-DAW-tee YOO-soo teh-leh-FAW-noo?)

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