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Phrases to Help You Book a Hotel Room in Lithuanian Language

Want to reserve a hotel room in Lithuania? How do you say, I would like to make a reservation for an accommodation in Lithuanian? Helpful Lithuanian terms intended for making your reservation for a room in resorts or needing to request a room with a deck. Learn More

Using the Lithuanian accommodation similar key phrases listed here, one can learn how to express your questions in Lithuanian. Many of these questions include things like: “how many days you’ll be booking for?” and “how much would it cost to reserve a room?” Subsequently, it will be easier to be familiar with the actual responses in Lithuanian.
Lithuanian Language Words

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Do you have any rooms available?Ar turite laisvų kambarių? (ahr TUh-rih-teh luys-VOO kahm-bah-RYOO?)
How much is a room for one person/two people?Kiek kainuoja kambarys vienam/dviems? (kiak kuy-NWO-yah kahm-bah-REES vyeh-NAHM/dvyehms?)
Does the room come with...Ar kambaryje yra... (ahr kahm-bah-rih-YEh ih-RAh...)
...bedsheets?...paklodės? (pahk-LOh-dehhs?)
...a bathroom?...vonios kambarys? (voh-NYOS kahm-bah-REES?)
...a telephone?...telefonas? (teh-leh-FOh-nahs?)
...a TV?...televizorius? (teh-leh-VIh-zoh-ryoos?)
May I see the room first?Ar galėčiau pirmiau pamatyti kambarį? (ahr gah-LEHH-chow pihr-MIAOW pah-mah-TEE-tih KAHM-bah-ree?)
Do you have anything quieter?Ar turite ką nors tylesnio? (ahr TUh-rih-teh kaa nohrs tee-LEHS-nyoh?)
...bigger?...didesnio? (dih-DEHS-nyoh?)
...cleaner?...švaresnio? (shvah-REHS-nyoh?)
...cheaper?...pigesnio? (pih-GHEHS-nyoh?)
OK, I'll take it.Gerai, mes paimsimę šitą (GHEH-ruy, mas pah-IHM-sih-meh SHIh-tahh)
I will stay for _____ night(s).Mes apsistosime_____nakčiai (naktims) (dative case, not nominative) (mas ahp-sihs-TOh-sih-meh___NAHK-chai (nahk-TIHMS))
Can you suggest another hotel?Gal galėtumėte rekomenduoti/pasiūlyti kitą viešbutį? (ghahl ghah-LEhh-too-mehh-teh reh-koh-mehn-DWOh-tih/pah-SYOO-lee-tih KIh-taa VYEHSh-buh-tee?)
Do you have a safe?Ar turite seifą? (ahr TUh-rih-teh SAY-fahh?)
...lockers?...rakinamas spinteles? (rah-KIh-nah-mahs spihn-teh-LEHS?)
Is breakfast/supper included?Ar pusryčiai/vakarienė įskaičiuoti? (ahr POOS-ree-chai/vah-kah-RYEh-nehh ees-kuy-CHYOO-Oh-tih?)
What time is breakfast/supper?Kelintą valandą pusryčiai/vakarienė? (keh-LIHN-taa VAh-lahn-daa POOS-ree-chai/vah-kah-RYEh-nehh)
Please clean my room.Išvalykite mano kambarį, prašau. (eesh-vah-LEE-kih-teh MAh-noh KAHM-bah-rih, prah-SHOW)
Can you wake me at _____?Ar galėtumėte mane pažadinti _____? (ahr ghah-LEh-too-meh-teh mah-NEh pah-ZHAh-dihn-tih?)
I want to check out.Aš noriu išsiregistruoti (ahsh NOh-ryoo eesh-sih-reh-ghis-TROW-tih)

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