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About Getting Directions in Lithuanian Language

When travelling in Lithuania or any country where many people speak Lithuanian, have you any idea ways to get to your vacation destination? Commuting in Lithuanian-speaking cities can be inspiring and adventurous. Learn More

Having said that, it is always good to know how to request instructions in Lithuanian and also to understand what you might be explained to. Lithuanian Phrases For Direction
Lithuanian Language Words

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This kind of Lithuanian vocabulary below will assist you to fully understand instructions in Lithuanian.

Useful Phrases For Getting Directions in Lithuanian

How do I get to _____ ?Kaip nuvykti iki (genitive case, not nominative)_____ ? (kuyp noo-VEEK-tih EE-kih...?)
...the train station?...traukinių stoties? (trow-kih-NEW stoh-TYEHS?)
...the bus station?...autobusų stoties? (ow-toh-BOO-soo stoh-TYEHS?)
...the airport?...aero uosto? (Ah-eh-roh WAS-toh?)
...downtown?...miesto centro? (MYEHS-toh TSEHNT-roh?)
...the youth hostel?...jaunimo viešbučio? (yow-NEE-moh VYEHSH-boo-chaw?)
...the _____ hotel?... _____ viešbučio? (VYEHSH-boo-chaw?)
...the American/British/Australian consulate?...Amerikos/Britanijos/Australijos konsulato? (ah-MEh-rih-kohs/brih-TAh-nihyohs/owst-RAh-lihyohs kohn-suh-LAh-toh?)
Where are there a lot of...Kur yra daug (genitive case without preposition, not nominative)... (koor ee-RAh dowg)
...hotels?...viešbučių? (VYEHSh-boo-choo?)
...restaurants?...restoranų? (rehs-toh-RAh-noo)
...bars?...barų? (bah-ROO)
...sites to see?...lankytinų vietų? (lahn-KEE-tih-noo VYEh-too)
Can you show me on the map?Ar galite man parodyti žemėlapyje? (ahr GAh-lih-teh mahn pah-ROh-dee-tih zheh-MEh-lah-pee-yeh?)
streetgatvę (GAHT-veh)
Turn left.pasukite į kairę. (pah-SUh-kih-teh EE KUY-reh)
Turn right.pasukite į dešinę. (pah-SUh-kih-teh EE DEh-shih-neh)
leftkairė (kuy-REhh)
rightdešinė (deh-shih-NEhh)
straight aheadtiesiai (TYEh-say)
towards the _____link _____ (link)
past the _____pro _____ (proh)
before the _____prieš _____ (pryehsh)
Watch (look) for the _____.ieškokite _____. (ihehsh-KOh-kih-teh)
intersectionsankirta (SAHN-kihr-tah)
northšiaurė (SHOW-rehh)
southpietūs (PYEh-toos)
eastrytai (REE-tuy)
westvakarai (vah-kah-RUY)
uphillį kalvą / aukštyn (ee KAHL-vah/owksh-TEEN)
downhillnuo kalvos / žemyn (nwoh KAHL-vohs/zheh-MEEN)

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