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Ordering Drinks in Lithuanian Bar

When inside a Lithuanian speaking location and you have to purchase a refreshment at a bar or a store. It’s essential to learn numerous Lithuanian phrases to get refreshments. Learn More

List of Phrases For Ordering Food and Drinks in Lithuanian Language

Dehydrated in Lithuania or perhaps in a nation where people speak the Lithuanian language? We currently have detailed helpful Lithuanian phrases to get drinks in Lithuanian language.

Lithuanian Language Words

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Do you serve alcohol?Ar turite alkoholio? (ahr too-RIH-tah ahl-kaw-HAW-lyaw)
A beer/two beers, please.Vieną/du alaus, prašau. (VYA-nahh/doo AH-lows, prah-SHAHOO)
A glass of red/white wine, please.Prašau stiklinę raudono/balto vyno. (prah-SHAHOO stih-KLIH-nehh row-DAW-naw/BAHL-taw VIH-naw)
Half a litre, please.Pusę litro, prašau. (POO-seh LIH-traw, prah-SHAHOO) (Lithuanians have metric system thus by saying "a pint, please" you wouldn't be understood)
A bottle, please.Prašau vieną butelį. (prah-SHAHOO VYA-nahh boo-TA-lee)
whiskeyviskis (VIHS-kihs)
brandybrendis (BRAN-dihs)
gindžinas (JIH-nahs)
cognackonjakas (kaw-NYAH-kahs)
coladakolada (kaw-LAH-dah)
vodkadegtinė (dag-TIH-nehh)
rumromas (RAW-mahs)
watervanduo (VAHN-dwah)
tonic watertonikas (taw-NIH-kahs)
orange juiceapelsinų sultys (ah-PAL-sih-noo SOOL-tihs)
CokeKoka kola (KAW-kah KAW-lah)
Do you have any bar snacks?Ar turite kokių nors užkandžių? (ahr too-RIH-ta KAW-kyoo nawrs oozh-KAHN-jyoo)
One more, please.Prašau dar vieną (prah-SHAHOO dahr VYA-nahh)
When is closing time?Kai uždarymo laiko? (kai OOZH-dah-rih-maw LAI-kaw?)

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