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Useful Lithuanian Phrases for Getting Taxi

Want to know the right way to tell, Exactly how much is usually a taxi to a hotel in Lithuanian? Learn More

We have bundled common Lithuanian terms designed for obtaining a taxi in Lithuanian with the help of English pronunciation. Phrases to catch a taxi
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List of Phrases For Getting Taxi in Lithuanian

Taxi!Taksi! (tahk-SEE!)
Take me to _____, please.Nuvežkite mane į _____, prašau. (noo-VEZH-kih-teh mah-NEh ee____, prah-SHOW)
How much does it cost to get to _____?Kiek kainuoja nuvykti iki_____? (kyehk kuy-NWOh-yah noo-VEEK-tih ihkih___?)
Take me there, please.Nuvežkite mane ten, prašau (noo-VEZH-kih-teh mah-NEh tehn, prah-SHOW)
Please note: In bigger Lithuanian cities there are so called "route-taxis" or "micro-buses" going in, they will stop to take you from the street if you wave your hand. The price is the same wherever you go, it is a lot cheaper than going by taxi and slightly more expensive than traveling by city bus. The disadvantage for non-Lithuanian speakers is that you must tell the driver when you want to get off just before the stop of a regular bus, i.e. you also have to recognize the place where you want to get off at.

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