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For anyone who is in Lithuania or maybe a Lithuanian speaking place, have you ever wondered how to tell the time in Lithuanian? Telling the actual time in Lithuanian is all about comprehending the Lithuanian numbers and a few tips with regards to the hours, minutes and seconds in Lithuanian. Learn More

In this site, you will understand quickly the best way to reveal to the time in Lithuanian while using the subsequent phrases regarding:
Lithuanian Language Words

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List of Phrases to Help You Telling Time in Lithuanian Language

nowdabar (dah-BAHR)
latervėliau (veh-LYOW)
beforeprieš tai (pryehsh TUY)
in the morningryte (ree-TEh)
in the afternoonpo pietų / dieną (paw pyeh-TOO/ DYEh-nah)
in the eveningvakare (vah-kah-REh)
at nightnaktį (nahk-TEE)

Wish to know the way to say 6 o-clock in Lithuanian? Utilize the terms beneath to guide you tell the actual time on the clock in Lithuanian.
What time is it?Kiek dabar laiko? (kyehk dah-bahr LUY-koh?)
It's.....o'clock.Dabar.....valanda (DAH-bahr ...... vah-lahn-DAh)
one o'clock AMpirma valanda nakties (pihr-MAh vah-lahn-DAh nahk-TYEHS)
two o'clock AMantra valanda nakties (ahnt-RAh vah-lahn-DAh nahk-TYEHS)
noonvidurdienis (vih-DOO-rdyeh-nihs)
one o'clock PMpirma valanda dienos / pirma po pietų (pihr-MAh vah-lahn-DAh dyeh-NOHS/pihr-MAh poh pyeh-TOO)
two o'clock PMantra valanda dienos / antra po pietų (ahnt-RAh vah-lahn-DAh dyeh-NOHS/ ahnt-RAh poh pyeh-TOO)
midnightvidurnaktis (vihr-DOO-rnahk-tihs)

Take advantage of the simple Lithuanian words and phrases to know the time length such as a Year, Week and a Four week period when it comes to Lithuanian language.
_____ minute(s)_____ minutė(s) (mih-NOO-tehh(s))
_____ hour(s)_____ valanda(-os) (vah-lahn-DAh(-ohs))
_____ day(s)_____ diena(-os) (dyeh-NAh(-ohs))
_____ week(s)_____ savaitė(s) (sah-VAIh-tehh(s))
_____ month(s)_____ mėnuo (mėnesiai) (MEHH-nwa (MEHH-neh-say))
_____ year(s)_____ metai (MEh-tuy)

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