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About the Colours in Romanian

When you are contemplating to take a shopping spree in Romania or a Romanian speaking country, be sure to find out the colours in Romanian language. Names of colours in Romanian will come in really handy if you are searching for more selections in many merchandise your are thinking to purchase. Learn More

On this specific web page, you can certainly learn how to reveal the names of several colors in Romanian. We hope by reading through and learning the Romanian colour chart down below, it will be straightforward to determine more or less all typically the primary colours in Romanian.
Romanian Language Words

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Romanian Colours List

NOTE: ah in English represents the sound 'a' as in "father"
blacknegru (NEH-groo)
whitealb (ahlb)
graygri (gree)
redro┼ču (ROH-shoo)
bluealbastru (ahl-BAH-stroo)
yellowgalben (GAHL-behn)
greenverde (VEHR-deh)
orangeportocaliu (pohr-toh-KAH-lee-oo); oranj (oh-RANZH)
purplemov (mohv) or purpurie (poor-POOH-ryeh)
brownmaro (mah-ROH); also brun (broohn) or cafeniu (kah-feh-NEE-ooh)
pinkroz (roh-zz)
lilaclila (lee-LAH)
violetviolet (vee-oh-LEHT)

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