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How to say money in Romanian

Would like to know the Romanian word cash? We have right here a long list of Romanian cash related terms you most likely are wanting whenever travelling in Romanian speaking nations. Learn More

Touring can often be very expensive, subsequently it is very important to have a good understanding of Romanian phrases for money similar matters just like dealing with money and business banking. More Info
Romanian Language Words

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Every country world wide possesses its own money system. Interchanging money in Romanian speaking cities is considered the most common banking necessity for tourists. Hence, it is important that you receive the most your money can buy by getting knowledgeable about these typical monetary terms in Romanian.

Dealing With Money in Romanian

We’ve got a range of Romanian phrases which can be used while changing cash in Romania as well as when pruchasing a little something in shops.

Do you accept American/Canadian/Australian dollars?Acceptaţi dolari americani/canadieni/australieni? (ock-chep-TAHTS DOH-lah-ree ah-meh-ree-KAHN/kah-nah-dee-EHN/ah-oo-strah-lee-EHN? (...)
Do you accept British pounds?Acceptaţi lire sterline? (ock-chep-TAHTS LEE-reh stehr-LEE-neh?)
Do you accept credit cards?Acceptaţi cărţi de credit? (ock-chep-TAHTS KUHRTZ deh CREH-deet?)
Can you change money for me?Puteţi să schimbaţi bani pentru mine? (poo-TEHTS suh skim-BAHTZ BAHN PEHN-troo MEE-nay?) or Puteţi să schimbaţi valută pentru mine? (poo-TEHTS suh skim-BAHTZ vah-LOO-tah PEHN-troo MEE-nay?)
Where can I get money changed?Unde pot să schimb bani? (OON-deh POHT suh SKIMB BAHN?) or Unde pot să schimb valuta? (OON-deh POHT suh SKIMB vah-LOO-tah?)
Can you change a traveler's check for me?Puteţi să schimbaţi un cec de calatorie pentru mine? (poo-TEHTS suh skim-BAHTZ oon CHECK deh cah-lah-TOH-ree-eh PEHN-troo MEE-nay?)
Where can I get a traveler's check changed?Unde pot să schimb cecul de calatorie? (OON-deh POHT suh SKIMB CHE-cool deh cah-lah-TOH-ree-eh )
What is the exchange rate?Cât este rata de schimb? (COOHT YES-teh RAH-tah deh SKIMB?)
Where is an automatic teller machine (ATM)?Unde este un bancomat? (OON-deh YES-teh OON BAHN-co-MAHT)

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