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About Ordering Food in Romanian

Hungry? How to go about ordering food in Romanian? These are several of the queries you’ll have whenever venturing in a Romanian speaking destination. Learn More

Regardless if you are going to reside in a Romanian speaking country or planning on a quick trip there, finding out how to buy food in Romanian is really important. Dining out at Romanian eateries and bistros generally is a lot of fun, especially if you fully understand some basic Romanian restaurant words. More …
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We now have detailed some standard food relevant sentences in Romanian, directly below, hoping they might assist you when you’re ordering dinner in Romanian.

Speaking Romanian When Eating Out

Just click here to learn the Romanian food sentences quite simply which can be used when it comes to buying food items in Romanian eating places and cafes.

A table for one person/two people, please.O masă pentru o persoană / pentru doua persoane, vă rog. (OH MAHSS-uh pehn-troo OH pehrss-WAH-nuh... / pehn-troo DOH-ah pehrss-WAH-neh, vuh ROHG)
Can I look at the menu, please?Pot să văd meniul, vă rog? (POHT suh voohd MEH-nyool, vuh ROHG)
Can I look in the kitchen?Pot să mă uit în bucătărie? (POHT suh muh OOYT oohn BOO-kah-teh-ree-eh)
Is there a house specialty?Aveţi o specialitate a casei? (ah-VETZ oh speh-chee-ah-lee-TAH-teh ah KAH-sey)
Is there a local specialty?Aveţi o specialitate locală? (ah-VETZ oh speh-chee-ah-lee-TAH-teh loh-KAH-luh)
I'm a vegetarian.Sunt vegetarian. (SOONT veh-jeh-tah-ree-AHN)
I don't eat pork.Nu mănânc carne de porc. (NOO muh-NUHNK CAR-neh deh POHRK)
I don't eat beef.Nu mănânc carne de vită. (NOO muh-NUHNK CAR-neh deh VEE-tah)
I only eat kosher food.Mănânc numai hrană cuşer. (muh-NUHNK NOO-MY H'RAHUN-uh KOOH-sher)
Can you make it "lite", please? (i.e. less oil/butter/lard)Puteţi să o faceţi mai puţin grasă, vă rog? (poo-TETS suh oh FAH-chetz my poo-TZIN GRAH-suh, vuh ROHG?)
fixed-price mealmeniu fix (MEN-ee-oo FIX)
à la cartea la carte (a la KART)
breakfastmicul dejun (MEE-kool deh-ZHOON)
lunchdejun (deh-ZHOON)
suppercină (CHEE-nuh)
I want _____.Vreau _____. (VROW)
More politely, comparable to "I would like"Aş vrea (AHSH VRAA; this last vowel sound is like the "a" in the English word "cat")
I want a dish containing _____.Vreau o mâncare care conţine _____. (.VROW oh muhn-KAH-reh KAH-reh con-TZEEN-eh _____)
chickenpui (POOY)
duckraţă (RAH-tzuh)
beefcarne de vită (CAR-neh deh VEE-tah)
fishpeşte (PESHT-teh)
hamjambon or şuncă (zhahm-BOHN, SHOON-kuh)
sausagecârnaţi (kuhr-NATZ)
cheesebrânză (BROOHN-zah)
eggsouă (O-uh)
saladsalată (sa-LAH-tah)
(fresh) vegetableslegume (proaspete) (leh-GOO-meh (proh-ah-SPEH-teh))
tomatoesroşii or tomate (ROH-shee, to-MA-teh)
mushroomsciuperci (choo-PEHRCH)
(fresh) fruitfructe (proaspete) (FROOK-teh (proh-ah-SPEH-teh))
breadpâine (pooh-EEN-eh)
toastpâine prăjită (pooh-EEN-eh pruh-JEE-tuh)
noodlestăiţei (tuh-EE-tsay)
riceorez (ohr-EZZ)
beansfasole (fah-SOH-leh)
May I have a glass of _____?(literally: I would like...): Aş dori un pahar de _____. ( AHsh dohr oohn puh-HAR deh)
May I have a cup of _____?(literally: I would like...)Aş dori o ceaşcă de _____. (AHsh dohr o CHEE-ah-shkuh deh)
May I have a bottle of _____?(literally: I would like...)Aş dori o sticlă de _____. (AHsh dohr o STIK-lah deh)
coffeecafea (kaf-AA)
tea (drink)ceai (CHY)
juicesuc (SOOK)
(bubbly) waterapă minerală (AH-puh mee-neh-RAH-lah)
(still) waterapă plată (AH-puh PLAH-tah)
waterapă (AH-puh )
beerbere (BEH-reh)
red/white winevin roşu/alb (VEEN ROH-shoo / AHLB)
May I have some _____?(literally: I would like...) Aş dori nişte _____? (AHsh doh-REE nish-TEH ____?)
saltsare (SAH-reh)
black pepperpiper (PEE-pehr)
butterunt (OONT)
Eat wellPoftă bună ("PAUF-tuh BOO-nuh")
Excuse me, waiter? (getting attention of waiter)Ospătar! (os-puh-TAHR)
I'm finished.Sunt gata. (SOONT gah-tah)
It was delicious.A fost delicios. (ah fohst deh-lee-CHOHSS)
Please clear the plates.Puteţi să strangeti farfuriile. (POOH-tehtz suh STRUHN-getz far-FOOH-ree-leh)
The check, pleaseNota (de plată), vă rog (NO-tah day PLAT-tuh, vuh ROHG)

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