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About Romanian Pronunciation Rules

Pronunciation in Romanian is definitely the great way a Romanian word or a Romanian language is normally expressed, or the manner in which an individual uttters the single expression. If one is said to have the”right Romanian pronunciation”, this refers to both of these within a particular Romanian language. Learn More

The Romanian word is often talked in another way by numerous people or groups and this varies according to quite a few elements, for instance: the actual period of the cultural exposure during their very own parental input, exactly where the individual is located, their unique ethnic group, ones own social state, as well as ones own education. Learn the rules
Romanian Language Words

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When it comes to Romanian, the exact letter present in two different words could make two different sounds. Many letters in Romanian language are not pronounced at all. Usually, it is possible to sound out words. Hence, many experienced non native Romanian speakers (and occasionally some native speakers) often mispronounce Romanian words.

Similar to English, Romanian pronunciation can be very complex, caused by intricacies just like silent letters, numerous sounds for that particular letter, along with almost endless exceptions to whichever rules you stumble upon in that Romanian pronunciation. This amazing site has several internet pages that points out the Romanian pronunciation policies in addition to exceptions in fine detail. This is definitely great suitable for advanced students, yet it can be quite difficult education of Romanian language. We try to simplify Romanian pronunciation rules to make it simpler for you to get started in Romanian, even though you may not understand how every single Romanian letter blend is normally pronounced in most circumstance. We understand that sometime, you will want to review more in-depth Romanian tuition on Romanian pronunciation rules.

Learn How to Pronounce Romanian Words

Romanian pronunciation is very phonetic. The accent and sounds are almost identical to Italian and other Romance languages (with very few, if any, Slavic influences), so remember to sound every letter clearly. Also, sounds very rarely differ between words (i.e. the letter i is always pronounced the same, every time, unlike in English or even French).
Like English, Romanian has secondary stresses in words. We have not attempted to represent those here. Stress usually falls on the second-last syllable if it ends in a vowel, and last if it ends in a consonant. If you know another Romance language, you shouldn't worry as the stress partterns are usually the same in similar-sounding words.
Questions in Romanian that end with a verb often use a rising tone on the last syllable or two.

Select the hyperlinks below to check out a list of helpful Romanian holiday words and phrases which you’ll find structured by theme. For every holiday phrase in Romanian, you will see the English translation.

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