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Useful Romanian Phrases for Getting Taxi

Need to know the best way to articulate, Exactly how much is usually a taxi cab to a hotel in Romanian? Learn More

We’ve got included frequent Romanian key phrases used for getting a taxi in Romanian using English pronunciation. Phrases to catch a taxi
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List of Phrases For Getting Taxi in Romanian

Taxi!Taxi! (TAH-ksee)
Take me to _____, please.Conduceţi-mă la _____, vă rog. (CON-doo-cheh-tzee-muh lah _____, vuh ROHG)
How much does it cost to get to _____?Cât costă pentru a ajunge la _____? (COOHT COH-stah PEHN-troo ah ah-ZHOON-jeh lah _____?)
Take me there, please.Conduceţi-mă acolo, vă rog.. (CON-doo-cheh-tzee-muh ah-KOH-loh, vuh ROHG)

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