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How do we say the Days of the week in Romanian language

When you are exploring in Romania and a person asks you in Romanian “what day is it today?” you’ll want to have learned to tell the days of the full week in Romanian simply. What if an individual asks “when am I going to meet you next?” You’ll need to write the time in Romanian perhaps. Apply our day terms in Romanian under to understand the week days in Romanian. Learn More

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Telling the Days of The Week in Romanian

yesterdayieri (yehr)
tomorrowmâine (MUY-neh)
this weeksăptămâna asta (suhp-tuh-MOOHN-ah AH-stah)
last weeksăptămâna trecută (suhp-tueh-MOOHN-ah treh-COOT-uh)
next weeksăptămâna viitoare (suhp-tuh-MOOHN-ah vee-TWAH-reh)
Sundayduminică (doo-MEEN-ee-kuh)
Mondayluni (loohn)
Tuesdaymarţi (mahrtz)
Wednesdaymiercuri (mee-EHR-coor)
Thursdayjoi (zhoy)
Fridayvineri (vee-NEHR)
Saturdaysâmbătă (SUHM-bah-tah)

Months in Romanian Language

Januaryianuarie (ya-NWAH-ree-eh)
Februaryfebruarie (FEB-RWAH-ree-eh)
Marchmartie (MAR-tee-eh)
Aprilaprilie (ah-PREEL-ee-eh)
Maymai (my)
Juneiunie (YOO-nee-eh)
Julyiulie (YOO-lee-eh)
Augustaugust (ow-GOOST)
Septemberseptembrie (sehp-TEHM-bree-eh)
Octoberoctombrie (ohk-TOHM-bree-eh)
Novembernoiembrie (noy-EHM-bree-eh); alt. novembrie (no-VEHM-bryeh)
Decemberdecembrie (deh-CHEHM-bree-eh)

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