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Do you know what to mention when you are having trouble in Romanian? You might be in a scenario where somebody is bothering you or perhaps you had misplaced your bag inside a country in which they converse in Romanian. Learn More

People don’t need to worry. We compiled a variety of Romanian words which you can use in an emergency. More..
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List of Words on How to Deal with Problems in Romanian Language

Leave me alone.Lasă-mă în pace (LAH-suh muh oohn PAH-cheh)
I'll call the police.Chem poliţia. (kem poh-LEE-tzee-ah)
Police!Poliţia! (po-LEE-tzee-ah!)
Stop! Thief!Stai! Opriţi hoţul! (STAAY! Oh-preetz hoh-tzul!)
I need your help (formal "your").Am nevoie de ajutorul dumneavoastra (AHM neh-VOY-eh deh ah-ZHOO-tohr-ool doom-nyah-VWAH-strah)
I need your help (informal "your").Am nevoie de ajutorul tău (AHM neh-VOY-eh deh ah-ZHOO-tor-ool tuh-oo)
It's an emergency.E o urgenţă (YEH oh oor-JEHN-tzuh)
I'm lost.M-am rătăcit (mahm ruh-tuh-CHEET)
I lost my bag.Mi-am pierdut valiza (mee-AHM pee-ehr-DOOT vah-LEE-zah)
I lost my wallet.Mi-am pierdut portmoneul/portofelul. (mee-AHM pee-ehr-DOOT POHRT-mohn-eh-ool/POHRT-o-FEH-Loo)
I'm sick.Sunt bolnav. (SOONT bohl-NAHV)
I'm injured.M-am accidentat. (Mahm ahk-chee-dehn-TAHT)
I need a doctor.Am nevoie de un doctor (AHM neh-VOY-eh deh dohk-TOHR)
Can I use your phone? (formal "your")Pot să utilizez telefonul dumneavoastra? (poht suh ohh-tee-LEE-zehz teh-leh-FOHN-ool doom-nyah-VWAH-strah)/ Alternative: "Pot utiliza telefonul dumnevoastră"
Can I use your phone? (informal "your")Pot să utilizez telefonul tău? (poht suh ohh-tee-LEE-zehz teh-leh-FOHN-ool TUH-oo) Alternative: "Pot utiliza telefonul tău" (in both formal and informal phrases are correct and do not create misunderstandings, albeit the first one is more common. The same applies to the formal one)

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