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About Months in Romanian Language

Recognizing the way to tell the months in Romanian is incredibly beneficial and commonly be regarded as simple Romanian vocabulary. Now we have listed the months in Romanian language directly below to enable you articulate the months in Romanian. Learn More

List of the Months in Romanian

Romanian Language Words

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Januaryianuarie (ya-NWAH-ree-eh)
Februaryfebruarie (FEB-RWAH-ree-eh)
Marchmartie (MAR-tee-eh)
Aprilaprilie (ah-PREEL-ee-eh)
Maymai (my)
Juneiunie (YOO-nee-eh)
Julyiulie (YOO-lee-eh)
Augustaugust (ow-GOOST)
Septemberseptembrie (sehp-TEHM-bree-eh)
Octoberoctombrie (ohk-TOHM-bree-eh)
Novembernoiembrie (noy-EHM-bree-eh); alt. novembrie (no-VEHM-bryeh)
Decemberdecembrie (deh-CHEHM-bree-eh)

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