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When you are in Romania or maybe a Romanian speaking place, have you ever wondered how one can tell the time in Romanian? Telling the actual time in Romanian depends upon learning the Romanian numbers and certain principles with regards to the hours, minutes and seconds in Romanian. Learn More

Within this page, you’ll learn easily how one can tell the time when it comes to Romanian using the subsequent terms regarding:
Romanian Language Words

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List of Phrases to Help You Telling Time in Romanian Language

nowacum (ah-COOM)
latermai târziu (my toohr-ZEE-oo)
beforeînainte de (oohn-I-een-teh deh)
morningdimineaţă (dee-mee-NYAH-tzuh)
afternoondupă amiază (DOO-puh ah-MYA-zuh)
eveningseară (SYAH-ruh)
nightnoapte (NWAHP-teh)

Would like to know how to say 6 o-clock in Romanian? Make use of the terms beneath to assist you to tell the latest time on the clock in Romanian.
Although 12-hour clocks are common in Romania, time is almost always stated according to the 24-hour clock.
one o'clock AMora unu (OHR-ah OO-noo)
two o'clock AMora două (OHR-ah DOH-wuh)
noonprânz (proohnz)
one o'clock PMtreisprezece/treişpe ore (TRAY-spreh-zeh-cheh OHR-eh; TRAY-shpeh)
two o'clock PMpatrusprezece/paişpe ore (...)
midnightmiezul nopţii (mee-EHZ-ool NOHP-tzee)
Normally, to say "at" a time, one precedes the same form given above with "la", thus:
at noonla prânz (lah PROOHNZ)
one o'clock PMla treisprezece/treişpe ore (....) - still, you'll find used more often "la unu după amiază" (lah OO-noo DOO-puh ah-mee-AH-zuh)
at midnightla miezul nopţii (lah mee-EZ-ool NOHP-tzee)

Take advantage of the simple Romanian words and phrases to tell the time period for instance a Year, Week and a Month when it comes to Romanian language.
one minuteun minut (oon meen-OOT)
_____ minutes_____ minute (_____ meen-OOT-eh)
one houro oră (OH OHR-uh)
_____ hours_____ ore (OHR-eh)
one dayo zi (OH ZEE)
_____ days_____ zile (_____ ZEE-leh)
one weeko săptămână (OH suhp-tuh-MOOHN-uh)
_____ weeks_____ săptămâni (_____ suhp-tuh-MOOHN)
one montho lună (OH LOO-nuh)
_____ months_____ luni (LOON; the last syllable almost vanishes)
one yearun an (oon AHN)
_____ years_____ ani (AHN; the last syllable almost vanishes)
Note: For all of the above, the correct, literary way to express duration is by saying una oră, una ziuă, una săptămână... instead of o oră, o ziuă, o săptămână, but this is never really used in speech, even if the context is very formal. Therefore, it is much easier to learn that o is used to express one or a in the case of minute, hour, month, etc, not una. This is because all of these nouns are feminine. With year, which is masculine, un is used (as in, un an - one year)
The above "note" is false. UNA dose not exist in romanian, the "o" is used for the feminine, and "un" for masculine. The confusion was made due to the text written on the banknotes - like "UNA SUTA LEI" (instead of "O SUTA DE LEI"), which sounds extremely formal, but it is incorrect.

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